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Entry #1

New Dating Sim in September!

2007-07-18 21:50:14 by Overdrawn

I'm currently working on a new dating sim with a team I put together, and it should be out by around Labor Day (tentatively). I've never worked with a team before, but they both seem to be really good at what they do (writing and illustration), so I'm really excited about the project. I can't give any specific details about it yet, but there are a few tidbits about it on my website, in the Twinkle Revue forum under the thread "New Dating Sim".


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2007-08-02 08:22:36 be looking forward to it...your first work was very addictive...hope this one will be better or as gd twinkle revue...

Overdrawn responds:

thanks, and I hope so too :)


2007-08-13 21:55:33

ooo I'm so excited! Your sim date is the best I've ever played. You have a lot to live up to but I'm sure you can do it!


2007-08-14 02:32:20

dude this last one was awesome! i can't wait for the next one. Do you take any ideas because i have a few and i would like to share them with you for maybe future reference or something.

Overdrawn responds:

Ideas are always welcome. I'm already incorporating lots of them, though, so if it's a common suggestion such as a save feature or better sound, don't worry 'cause I'm already working on it.


2008-08-24 00:39:12

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