September's New Dating Sim- News Update

2007-08-27 05:39:34 by Overdrawn

The new dating sim is taking shape, and I'm working around the clock to finish it. Vortex00 is doing the art, and you can check out some of his stuff at: and
It was previously mentioned that it might be available by labor day, but that's definitely not gonna happen. I'm thinking more like the 17th or so, but if we're really lucky and everything goes well, we may have it up as early as the tenth. I will up an announcement a few days before it comes out so everyone can keep their eyes open for it, and a week or so before that, I will reveal which anime we chose for the project.
The reason this one's taking so long is twofold:
First of all, many will be glad to hear that this will have all original art content, that is, nothing has been copied. It's all drawn and colored by Vortex or me.
Second of all, I'm trying some new ideas in this game, which will hopefully give it a more interactive and interesting environment than my previous game. The space will be much larger and more complex in this game.
Anyway, I better get back to work for now, but look for another update in a week or so.
Thanks for your support!


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