Giving it room to grow

2007-09-17 05:12:07 by Overdrawn

Ok, I need to announce to everyone that the project has officially become an unhealthy obsession of mine, and I just need to back off for a while and try to put my life back together, so I'll let you know plenty of time before it's released, but don't hold your breath.


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2007-09-17 19:49:22

aw man. Does this mean it's going to be a long time? Best of luck recovering!

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks, and I'm hoping it won't take too long, though it depends on a lot of factors. I'll try not to pull an "NG redesign" on you all, anyway :P.


2007-09-18 20:01:54

I sad. But take as much time as you'd like to back off. We still love you.... well... I still love you lol

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)


2007-09-30 00:39:16

Well, I still can't wait for it. :) I really hope that it's as good as Twinkle was, hopefully better!

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks, and i hope so too. I'll try my best.


2007-10-17 16:32:11

this is actual 4 ur game dating sim. only 2 girls can be nude :( lol but i like the game

Overdrawn responds:

Glad you liked the game, but actually they can all be...


2007-10-30 16:58:47

i understand completely but is the game almost finished or do you still have a little more work to do on it

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks for the understanding, and the answer to both questions is yes :P