Forum Registration has been Repaired

2007-11-25 17:39:43 by Overdrawn

I've finally fixed that problem everyone's been having with registering a new account on the Twinkle Revue Forum at my web site. I still have no idea why it was acting the way it was, but I went ahead and deleted the error function associated with it, so it's kind of a patch-up job, but it's better than re-installing the whole forum.
Anyway, on another note, the new game's about 85% complete. We are currently working on finishing the dates for each girl, and we still need to finish the endings, but other than that, it's pretty much a functional game right now. I know it's been a long time, but my schoolwork is really getting me bogged down this semester. Thanksgiving break was badly needed, but was still packed with things to do, so I'm hoping Christmas break will give me enough time to finally finish the game. Thanks for your patience, everyone.


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2007-11-29 23:22:02

Wow man, I remember falling in love with the Twinkle when it first came out. I can't wait for the new one! Dating Sims seem to have died down; at least the good ones. I'm going to be REALLY sad once I've finished the new one. Anyway, good luck! :D

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it. :)