Game Trailer Released!

2007-12-02 05:23:15 by Overdrawn

Yes, that's right! You can finally find out what the game will look like! I've just released a trailer at my site revealing quite a few details about the game. You can view it here: ml
I'll also be putting up a forum for it soon, so keep your eyes peeled. And people visiting the Twinkle Revue forum will also be treated to a new screenshot of the game every week starting next week until the game is released. Enjoy!


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2007-12-02 05:38:57

Very unique, good graphics, keep up the work!

Overdrawn responds:

Thanks! It's really encouraging to hear some positive feedback.


2007-12-02 06:45:06

Looks awesome, hope it comes online soon (A)...

Overdrawn responds:

Thank you, and I'll work hard to make it as soon as possible. :)


2007-12-04 23:07:05

Looks great! Was slightly disappointed in no red / pink haired girls, but they skills look beatiful. Story looks very unique! I can't wait for it! ^.^

Keep it up!


2007-12-21 15:28:21

Christmas break starting do you still think you can finish it?


2008-02-16 21:55:26

It's been 2 and a 1/2 months. can you please update us?