Entry #7

Game Progress

2008-03-26 01:19:45 by Overdrawn

Hi all,
This is just a quick update on the status of the new sim date game. At this point, to say that it's nearing completion would probably get you thinking that it will be done in a few weeks. I really can't say for sure whether it will be completed in the next few weeks, or if it will be longer because although about 90% of the game is completed, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do still for the game, and considering how long it has taken so far, I cannot describe our timescale in any accurate manner without risking misleading you guys. Please be patient. We're doing the best we can given the fact that this is an entirely non-profit, extracurricular project.

Thanks for understanding.


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2008-03-28 21:59:11

Ok. Thanks for at least sending us an update. It is very appreciatied.


2008-03-30 19:42:44

thanks for the update..

i loved the last game, i hope this one gets done soon.


2008-04-10 02:11:02

hey Od. MK here from the forum. We haven't heard from you lately. Madpol1 gave us the recent update on the game. When you can, give us the very latest on the game (post it on the forum). All of us are waiting for you ;)


2008-04-18 15:18:48

Still I am looking forward to it. Your first one is hard to beat. I wonder and hope if you can fullfill the high expectations of your audience.


2008-05-06 09:10:39

Hey!You really made a great dating sim with Twinkle Revue and I can't wait for your new game...But your last update was more than one month ago...Are you still working on it and do you think you will finish it in the next weaks?
I hope you will keep on working because your other game was great...


2008-05-26 07:50:39

I don't think there will be a new dating sim by Overdrawn.
It has been 2 month since his last update so I won't make myself anymore hope.
I think he stopped programming as well as sim man nearly before he got his game ready to relise.
Well I still hope you'll finish your game in the next month but I don't think it will happen :(


2008-07-03 21:47:06

It's been over two months since you posted this. Got any new news for us? Pretty please?


2008-08-07 18:23:40

your awesome keep doing what you do


2008-08-17 15:04:09

great game man...please make another one..you sure know what we need for those sim dates!!


2008-09-21 09:18:02

by the way please include a save feature. i know it takes a long time to make these things. well i hope you finish soon


2008-10-16 08:14:13

This is one of the best sim games ever ^^
Will you do more games like this in the futere?


2008-11-08 08:59:53

Hey man, I know you said you didn't want to mislead anyone, and it has been since march since you posted the update, but anyway, that's no problem, I've got enough patience, could you PLEASE add a save feature on this one? I'm not sure if you're planning to or not, just giving a heads up


2008-11-16 12:37:05

its been a long time. how is the game coming along? just wandering


2008-11-20 23:40:03

Take your time.


2008-11-21 14:31:41

whats taking so long


2009-02-13 14:38:34

Saw the trailer. Looks great. Looking forward to playing the game.


2009-03-18 10:47:32

Please make the game I Ioved your first one


2009-04-12 23:32:15

Wow, I don't even think that you are working anymore...


2009-06-05 21:57:17

It has been over a year. How is the progress going?


2009-07-01 02:06:50

i love your sim date.. very thought out.. i hope you are still around and going to put up a new one..


2010-03-20 03:07:43

i just wish he had told us where he went, but probly got a girlfriend and forgot about us :(


2010-03-20 03:47:37

i really don't want to go there but i think he might of died, or he left and just will never come back, i don't want to be disrespectful but it's one of the answers i could find because i searched everywhere and i couldn't find anything recent in the past few years and so i am very sad D'''':


2010-11-18 17:03:54

I read comments here from time to time.

I highly doubt he's dead man.
Last I heard he said he wasn't going to be making game anymore.
which was way before I managed to finish what I could of vandread.