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a good start

Not bad. It kind of reminded me of those old black and white films with only music and no sound. If that's what you were going for, then you should have also had the captions appear in a black background after each shot, like they did in the old days (for an example, look up Charlie Chaplin on youtube). Anyway, just an idea for you. Nice drawing and stuff too.

Gongxi Gongxi!

lol, Zhenme ke-ai! I am also a student studying Chinese language, and it's great to see such a traditional flash about the biggest holiday in Chinese culture! I don't come across many Chinese folk songs, but the ones I do hear are always fun and interesting. Great job on the eyes too! I might try that sparkling technique in the future, as it works really well.
And actually, it's kind of nice that as we are entering into the bleakest, coldest part of the year, we can be reminded of the happy spring to come! Xie xie ni!

Kenzu responds:

I also think that the good thing about winter is that it is followed by spring and its festival.

Even I celebrate it and I am not Chinese!

it's nice to see some poetry

I'm glad to see someone submit some poetry of their own. It's great to see the art of flash take more mature forms every now and then. Although, I can't agree with some of the content of the poem, it was still fun to watch. I think sometimes you mix up the pharmaceutical companies and the soulless advertisers with the FDA, and although they may be related, the FDA can't be blamed for it all. As for Mary Jane, it's certainly one contention that many people have with the FDA, but not one that should distort one's opinion of the entire organization. I myself have qualms about the FDA, but I think in a lot of ways, it still does a lot of good. I go to places like China, where you always have to be careful about what you eat, and it makes me a little more happy that I live in a place with less corruption and more checks and balances. Anyway, about the pop sound at the beginning, yes I do have a suggestion. First of all, make sure you're importing as wav, that's the easiest thing to check. Now, if you're editing the sound with something simple like Windows Sound Recorder, then I'vefound the pop to be quite hard to get rid of, but if you download a free app like Audacity from places like downloads.com, you can zoom in on the sound wave, and delete the spikes that represent the pop. Then, you should have no problem at all.

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good but music stops

definitely an improvement in gameplay, but the music stopped after a few levels. Might want to fix that.

Fun and stylish

Awesome game. Lots of fun, but I got a huge score, and when I submitted it to the top list, it didn't register even though I was way above the two that were on the list. Might want to check that and update it asap 'cause this games gonna get a lot of views really quick. Good job!

chillyphilly responds:

Yeah I'm currently workin on actually integrating the top ten scores into the actual flash. Hopefully it should be up soon :/

Awesome engine, but needs debugging

This is REALLY good, but there were a few things I think can be improved upon. First of all, when you do a mission, it looks like you don't get rewarded for completed missions unless you go directly back to the city hall, that is, if you accidentally run into any rouges on the way back (or on the way there, for that matter), or do pretty much any other stuff, then when you click on city hall again to get your reward, it just goes to the regular city hall menu instead of the "mission complete, here's your reward" screen. That was a major bug to fix.
Now, there was also something that's not necessarily a bug, but I think you should change it. That is, the fact that you get every single weapon of the conquered enemy when you win a battle is basically the same thing as an automatic cash reward. There's nothing wrong with cash rewards, but I've found this one to be a little out of hand. For example, in my situation, once I defeated two villages, I had sold enough weapons to get around 6 million gold, which only grew, as it basically gave me a virtually infinite supply of troops, and therefore more money as those troops conquered everything, leaving me with even more weapons to sell. So there are two ways to fix this. One way would be to reduce the number/value of weapons collected after a fight, which would take care of your exponential growth of money, or make troops increasingly more expensive to counteract this exponentially growing wealth. Another thing I'd love to see sometime is if you can do something other than just equip your hero with all those leftover weapons. This would also help reduce the number of weapons sold, which would also help with the infinite money thing too.
Anyway, it's still a fun game, and I hope you make another now that you know what you can do better on, 'cause if you do, it's sure to become one of my favorites.

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well, in the spirit of exploration, it was a noble effort, but it just doesn't seem to fit. It's kind of an upbeat, almost pop-punk tune, but the lyrics and the voice were much more negative and sincere. Now don't ge me wrong, I'm a big fan of you guys, but you guys definitely fit better into your original element. I think a lot of bands try to evolve over the years to suit the changing tastes of their audience while forgetting what made them great (e.g. Green Day, MXPX, etc.). Of course, I'm not accusing you of doing the same, I mean it's just one song and it's good to explore, but it's just something to keep in mind in the future. Keep up the great work! :)


I usually don't say the word bumpin', but this loop really is.

not bad

Pretty chill. Not as many elements as your other songs, however. It would be easy to loop, though, which is good.

I'm just looking to explore the contemporary scene of electronic art, and have some fun while I'm at it.

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